Contact is an emerging network of digital or 'social media friendly' institutions. Yet just what is a digital or social media friendly hospital? While a relatively new, and still emerging, idea they are committed to transforming an increasingly unsustainable volume vs. quality driven general hospital business model, and also commit to the following key principles:

  • cost and quality transparency
  • patient empowerment via tools integrating with your personal (PHR) or electronic (EHR) medical records 
  • active community engagement via blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube or other new age media
  • 'direct medical practice' friendly
  • a proactive commitment to sensitively serve the under-served, i.e., the uninsured or growing ranks of under-insured
  • a signatory to the Health Data Rights declaration

Though a new and rapidly evolving industry, we intend to build a national network of like minded hospitals who value consumer empowerment via 'participatory medicine' engagement.

For more information, please contact us at 888.568.8590. 

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